Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yes, it has been too long...

My dear readers, it has been way too long! However, I have a very valid reason! I GOT ENGAGED! My wonderful John proposed, and I have been on cloud nine ever since then! I have been spending all of my free time with him recently. I am so excited! It was the sweetest proposal, and it was soooo sentimental and special to the two of us.
 Right after we danced, and he proposed. I am sure I look crazy from all the crying, but I was quite emotional. Love, love, love!
 This is the ring right after he proposed.
This is a better view of my ring. It is emerald cut, with a white gold infinity band, and a rose gold halo. It is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my whole life. 

So after that wonderful weekend, the snow hit north Georgia! Again! This time there is even more snow. It is absolutely gorgeous. I am sorry that the pictures are not great quality, but I was much more interested in playing. Haha! 

 These are the pictures from the first day of snow fun!

This morning we have at least two more inches. It is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like something right off of a postcard, which is rarely seen in Georgia. We have had a lot of fun! I brought work home before I left school the other day. Today, I plan to decide what to do with my time. I have some Monday Made It ideas, so check back to see what I have going on. I also plan later to update some GREAT and FABULOUS work-outs that I have been using at the gym and at my house! I am sorry for the lateness of this blogpost, and I surely plan on being better going forward. Happy snow day to my fellow teachers, and for the rest of you, I hope you have as wonderful of a day as my past few! 

Question of the Day:
1. What has been making you overjoyed the past few days?
2. Has anything BIG happened to you lately?