Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am very happy to be back home! School let out at 12:00, but all the roads home closed before I could leave. LUCKILY, I have some amazing teachers at my school. One took me in, and I had a safe place to stay. I am beyond blessed. All I can think of is how beyond blessed I am that all of my kids made it home safely. I want to personally thank EVERY SINGLE TEACHER that stayed at their schools with the kids who could not make it home. Our line of work is incredibly rewarding. Saying thank you on here seems so silly, so I hope people are telling you over and over in person. You certainly deserve it! This snow has completely thrown the south off...We were certainly not prepared for it.
This is what it looked like AFTER some of the snow had melted. It doesn't seem like a lot of snow when I look at it. Once I finally got home, I took a deep breath and relaxed for an hour or so...Then, I was ready to try my new gym! That's right! John and I found a new gym that is perfect for us. I am so excited! The great thing is that it is only a mile down the road from my house. John and I made the trek out, and we went to the gym. I had not been in one since I graduated. Don't get me wrong, I love my home workouts, but I need something more. I had been losing interest. I had a wonderful workout today.

35 minutes of cardio
25 minutes of arm strength training

Well! School has been cancelled for tomorrow, so I will be back with a new update! Have a wonderful day, friends!

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