Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A LATE Monday Made It!

As I mentioned in my Sunday post, things have been CRAZY in my life! Yesterday was no different...Hence, me not being able to post. But...HERE IT IS....DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....

I have a Monday Made It:

As I have mentioned, I am a recent graduate. I have very little money to buy a ton of things for my classroom, (whenever I get one). Therefore, I am prioritizing what needs to be bought and things that I can repurpose. My sister had twins four months ago. She goes through A TON of formula! (Seriously....there is a ton of formula that goes through that household.) Anyways, while we were talking about storage, we came up with the idea to repurpose the formula containers. I was so excited! They went from not very cute to being in my classroom color scheme!

The first one that I created! :)
I have multiple designs.

All you need to create this thrifty storage container are the containers and duct tape. I went to Target for the cute duct tape. They had a lot of different choices. I was, of course, in heaven looking at all the choices. One of the major things I like about this project would be that the containers are durable. They will hold different things that are accessible to my students. I want them to last, and the plastic and duct tape will be great materials for that purpose.
I hope this gave a useful tip for any thrifty storage needs! I CAN'T WAIT TO PUT THEM IN A CLASSROOM!
Question of the Day:
1. What thrifty storage ideas have you had?

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