Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hi friends! It has been a few days since I have posted, but I had a lot of things have come up recently. I cant share all of them yet, but needless to say, it is very exciting and busy in my life right now! I cannot wait to share it all as soon as possible!

Today, I decided to wake up and take a walk. Past knee injuries prevent me from running anymore because I am terrified of making my knees any worse. Instead, I walk, and I love every minute of it because I would MUCH rather be outside than inside. I knew I did not have time to beat my distance record today because I have church this morning. Instead, I set out with the goal to beat my current record pace. John and I usually set a pretty standard pace of 12.5 minute mile when we do our walks. That is what I was out to beat, and I DID! I walked an 11.67 minute mile this morning, and I walked 2.16 miles! I feel great! Seriously, when I make myself do it, morning workouts are the best thing! I feel so ready to start my day, and really, if I didn't want to, another workout is not required. I will probably do yoga or pilates before I go to bed tonight, however. It relaxes me. My walk was gorgeous, relaxing (despite the incredible humidity that the South provides me), and it gave me time to prepare myself for the upcoming week.

                                                 My neighborhood and the start of the walk
                                                     The community college that I circled

Yes, all in all, it was a wonderful way to start my day and the week. I highly encourage you to do morning workouts, whether it be a walk/run, pilates, strength training, or anything you enjoy doing! I think I am going to set a goal to workout in the morning at least twice a week for now. In the future, I will try to increase it. For my teacher friends, tomorrow holds my Monday Made It! I will be linking up! Please come back by to see what I have been working on! I am really excited. Even if you're not a teacher friend, you may find this helpful when you see it as well. It is a really cool idea! I hope everyone has a great Sunday! I am off to eat breakfast, go to church, and see my family!


Question of the Day:

1. Do you enjoy working out in the mornings? What do you do?
2. How do you start your week on the most positive note?

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